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Out of Time

Posted on Thu Sep 21st, 2017 @ 3:32am by Colonel Kieran Fredericks
Edited on on Thu Sep 21st, 2017 @ 3:33am

Mission: Return of the Cylons
Location: Firestar Kronus, 2 parsecs out of Gemenon


Fredericks stood in CIC. He was going over a few things with Chief Lansky when someone yelled "DRADIS contact! Two Two one carom one one seven! They're coming into the wreckage field. "

Fredericks hurried to the DRADIS console and looked up.

"That's big. " said Lansky.

"Go dark! Shut down anything that has an electronic signature, but keep it warm in case we have to run. " said Fredericks. The lights dimmed as the ship powered down, leaving only enough juice to keep life support going.

"Think they spotted us? " asked Lansky.

"Let's pray they didn't. That's gotta be a Basestar out there. We're still busted up from our last encounter with one. " said Fredericks.

"Maybe we'll get lucky and the debris field will hide us. " said Lansky. Fredericks watched the DRADIS console intently, hoping that the enemy ship would pass them by.

No such luck.

"They're launching Raiders. " Lansky said as numerous new signatures appeared on the DRADIS screen.

"Frak! Power us up! Engines to full, defensive grid to maximum! " Fredericks barked.

The ship powered up fast, and turned away from the approaching base star.

"Incoming ordnance! " someone called out. Kronus shook, taking hits from a salvo of long range missiles.

"All ahead flank speed! Get us out of here! " Fredericks yelled.

end log.


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