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Out of the Frying Pan...

Posted on Mon Sep 18th, 2017 @ 2:08am by Colonel Kieran Fredericks

Mission: Return of the Cylons
Location: Secaris Minor System


"Incoming Raiders! " yelled Barrington as Kronus shook.

"Sir, that base star just loosed another missile salvo. ETA, thirty seconds! " Lansky added.

"Jump drive? " Fredericks asked. Lansky ran to the nav console.

"She's spun up and ready! " he yelled over the noise.

"Jump the ship, Chief! Get us out of here! " Fredericks yelled. Lansky hit the button.

Kronus reappeared mere seconds later, this time in Sagittaron space.

CIC was quiet. Everyone was in shock that they had made it away from Secaris successfully with the ship mostly intact. That base star had given them a pounding, for sure, but Kronus was tough.

"I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm proud as hell of this old tub. " Fredericks said. He took his place at the DRADIS console, looking for contacts.

"Where's the fleet? " he asked.

"We should be picking up transponders and IFF signals. " Barrington agreed.

"Get the Raptors into the air. We need to see what's out there. " said Fredericks. Kronus had a pair of Raptors for recon duties.


Ensign Michelle "Angel" Starke stared out the cockpit of her Raptor at the debris field. It was massive, spread out all over the sector. Her ECO rode in the back of the ship, keeping an eye out for other contacts. "Gods. " she said. Thousands of soldiers, dead in mere hours.

"What do you think happened out here? " asked the ECO, Ensign Jake "Babyface" Young.

"What does it look like? The entire fleet was here. " she snapped. Her older brother Lyman was a Viper pilot aboard the Atlantia.

"Maybe he got out somehow. " said Young. The two were a pretty good team.

"I doubt it. " she said.

"Angel, Kronus. Position and situation. " said the voice from CIC.

"Kronus, Angel. We're seeing a lot of wreckage out here. Whatever happened here, it's over now. " said Angel.

"Wait one. " said CIC. A moment later, she heard another voice.

"Angel, Kronus Actual. Go to Search and Rescue mode. If anyone survived this, we need to find them. Maybe we can figure out how in the hell the Cylons tore through our entire fleet like paper. " said Fredericks.

"Aye sir. " she responded.


Lansky walked up to Fredericks.

"Sir, I just heard from Engineering. The FTL drive is fried. We can't jump out of here. " he said.

"And the day just keeps getting better. " said Barrington, in a low voice so the CIC staff wouldn't hear her.

"We're not dead yet. We can still move and we can still fight. Maybe we'll join the others soon enough, but until then we can send some Toasters to hell before we do. " said Fredericks.

end log.


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