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Posted on Sun Sep 17th, 2017 @ 5:36pm by Colonel Kieran Fredericks

Mission: Return of the Cylons
Location: Secaris Minor System


"We've arrived at Secaris, sir. " said Lansky, standing up from his console.

"DRADIS contacts? " asked Fredericks.

"Skies are empty, sir. " said Barrington.

"How long until the jump drives are spooled up? " Fredericks asked Lansky.

"About thirty minutes, sir. " the Chief replied.

"Keep the gun crews at their posts. If any Cylons show up, we'll have to hold them off until we can jump to Sagittaron. " said Fredericks.

Kronus was considered a light cruiser class vessel. She was designed for Fleet perimeter defense, mostly against Starfighters, but she also had two heavy gun batteries for defense against capital ships. She could hold her own. She also had been improved since the Cylon War with two batteries of Anti ship missiles.

Suddenly, a low beeping ensued from the DRADIS console.

"DRADIS contact! Bearing one zero zero carom two one six! " said Barrington. Fredericks looked up.

"Frak! " he said.

"Too big to be Raiders. It's gotta be a basestar. " said Barrington.

"Think they knew we were here? " he asked. She shook her head.

"No sir. They're probably heading for the action at Sagittaron. " she told him.

"Let's dissuade them. " he said. She grinned.

"Sir, I'm all for a good fight, but we're no match for them. No Vipers, and they outclass us. " she said.

"We don't have to destroy them, Captain, we just have to bust them up. Then the fleet will be facing one less Cylon Base star. " he said. He turned to Lansky.

"Chief, take us in. " he ordered.

"Aye sir. " said Lansky.

end log.


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