Deck Listing

Battlestar OmegaThe Nova Class Battlestar is a new and experimental class of battlestar. Nominally under the command of a Commander, they can also serve as the flag ship for an Admiral. One third larger than a Mercury Class Battlestar (e.g the Battlestar Pegasus) they are designed as fleet command ships while also serving as a one-stop heavy assault ship, capable of taking on up to four other capital ships or major ground targets by itself. They are highly automated and carry the latest technology in electronic warfare, including but not limited to electromagnetic pulse fields capable of disabling enemy electronics and a Virtual Intelligence (V.I.) computer capable of adapting to any possible threat while not violating the laws against artificial intelligence.

The Nova Class is capable of manufacturing Raptors, Vipers and Scimitars as well as any parts needed to repair them, making her completely self-sufficient in regards to fighter repair and production. They also have advanced water reclamation and food growth facilities, allowing her able to be self sufficient for up to seven years before having to resupply.

Viper Mark VIIThe Viper Mark VII is the Colonial Military's latest iteration of the venerable Viper space superiority fighter.

Having been brought into service some time after the First Cylon War and before the Fall of the Colonies, the Viper Mark VII is the most advanced space superiority fighter shown in the Battlestar Galactica RDM universe. It is shown as being in widespread use at the time of the Fall.

It is heavily reliant on advanced computer systems - this proves to be its downfall, as most fighters of its class are shut down and destroyed by Cylon infiltration thanks to the CNP backdoor. The only remaining fighters are retrofitted to older software and presumably recieve modifications to their systems to allow them to become more resistant to Cylon infiltration.

RaptorThe Raptor is designed for reconnaissance, scouting, and electronic countermeasures operations. Raptors have a multitude of electronic countermeasure and monitoring tools including jamming transmissions, scrambling signals of guided weapons, and Viper IFF operations.
Viper StealthstarThe Stealthstar is a stealth recon craft utilized by the Colonial Military primarialy for intelligence gathering. It is a low observance design, and are nearly invisible on DRADIS when fully operating in stealth mode. The design is normally not fitted with weapons or an FTL drive, but can be modified with these systems if needed.