John Cavil

Name John Cavil

Position Number 1 - John Cavil

Character Information

Gender Male

Physical Appearance


Personality & Traits

General Overview Ones subvert consensus by undertaking many actions without the knowledge or consent of their siblings, such as turning against the Sevens and the Final Five, and then reprogramming their siblings to hide this.
Cavil has a sadistic, Machiavellian streak that none of the other Cylon models share.
Cavil is an atheist (alone among the seven models), and often mockingly uses air quotes when saying the word "God". His opinions of humans are contradictory. He is one of the most violently anti-human Cylon models, advocating a policy of culling humanity down to a "controllable number". He claimed to have been against the destruction of the Twelve Colonies and advocates a unique Cylon Society, not one that emulates its creators.